Unmanned Aircraft System Transportation of Lifesaving Organs

About The Work

Transportation of organs by Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) not only drastically cuts down on transport time, but meets the need of on-demand organ access while improving safety and quality. When Dr. Joseph Scalea led a team in the transportation and transplant of the first-ever organ moved by drone, we knew it was a major breakthrough in organ transport.

MissionGO, a Maryland-based company with a mission to increase access to organ transplantation by optimizing a currently ineffective and expensive transplant supply chain, is led by Chief Medical Officer Dr. Joseph Scalea. Dr. Scalea is an inventor and transplant surgeon with the University of Maryland, Baltimore who oversees the largest pancreas-kidney transplant program in the United States. MissionGO leadership also includes CEO Scott Plank along with company President Anthony Pucciarella, a retired U.S. Navy Commander serving as a Patrol Plane Mission Commander, Operational Test Pilot, VIP Pilot, and Aviation Engineering Duty Officer (AEDO).

MissionGO is setting an improved standard for modern organ transportation logistics and communications to saves lives, and is transforming the medical industry.

On September 17th, their Unmanned Aircraft System completed the longest organ delivery flight in America. Learn more about that flight by clicking here.

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“This innovative technology is going to change the way we look at organ transplants. We’re able to get life-saving organs to their recipients more quickly and more efficiently than ever before. We’re able to save more lives than ever before.”

- Scott Plank


Company Leadership

Scott Plank (CEO)
Anthony Pucciarella (President)
Dr. Joseph Scalea (Chief Medical Officer)


  • To increase transplant accessibility and efficiency and reduce waste through real-time point-to-point transplant tracking.
  • To save lives through centralized, in-app communication systems for surgeons and other medical personnel, as well as accurate estimated time-of-arrival predictions.
  • To provide and support the needed technology and data to transform organ transportation.