AlarisPro Unmanned Systems

Providing Solutions and Training to the Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Industry

About The Work

A partner of MissionGO, Alaris is a Maryland-based startup founded in 2014 and staffed by law enforcement and aviation professionals which provides training, support and consultation for small and large businesses in the Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) industry. Backed by innovative technology and a team with years of experience, Alaris has deep expertise in manned and unmanned aviation, engineering, systems and airspace integration.

Alaris provides three main services:

  1. UAS Startup Training for Public Safety and commercial organizations
    This training program focuses on developing a compliant UAS program as well as training and certifications such as pilot certifications, aircraft registration, operational procedures, and data handling & privacy procedures.
  2. Operations and maintenance manuals for UAS aircraft and organizations
  3. The Alaris Video Command Center (VCC) for mobile command centers, police HQ, and emergency operations centers.
    The VCC offers leaders a means of transmitting critical video from the field to offsite leadership and stakeholders. This solution provides on-scene commanders with a large view of the incident if there is no mobile command vehicle available. Often, the optimal location for a drone takeoff and landing zone is not near a command vehicle. So, the VCC allows pilots to focus on flying, while still allowing superiors to see what is happening live.

The investment in Alaris was a logical next step given Scott Plank’s interest in technological innovation, and the support of the people and organizations that protect our cities. Scott’s work with Alaris includes the creation of MissionGO (with MediGO & Alaris) to take two companies who are utilizing the same technology in new, innovative ways and combine them to decrease duplication of efforts while also increasing the companies’ reach.


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“This is an innovative product that could make an impact in so many industries as the use of drone technology becomes more widely accepted. I am thrilled to partner with such an experienced and passionate team!”

- Scott Plank



  • Increase funding for research and outreach to ensure brand awareness
  • Connect leadership to new industries to expand the reach of this product & service
  • Bolster the reach of the company by merging with MissionGO & MediGO