Ophthalmic Technician-Scribe

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Baltimore, MD


Levin Eye Care Associates


Job Description:

Reports to: Clinical Team Lead and Head of Quality Assurance

Summary of Responsibilities:

The role of the scribe is to assist the physician with documentation of the patient’s medical record.

The scribe accompanies the physician into the exam room to transcribe the history and examination as
given by the patient and the physician. General ophthalmic technician job duties include taking
histories, performing vision and diagnostic tests, administering medications, assisting with surgeries, and
educating patients.

List of Responsibilities/Duties includes but is not limited to:

  • Promptly and professionally assists the doctor in patient care
  • Efficiently and accurately interviews patients and documents histories
  • Performs technical workups, patient interviews and special testing
  • Communicates with patients regarding follow-up care, surgeries, procedures, changes in
    schedule, symptoms, etc.
  • Maintain and cleans all equipment; keep record and updated inventory of clinic supplies
  • Returns phone calls to patients and pharmacies
  • Assists in minor surgery
  • Maintains patient confidentiality
  • Accurately performs:
    • Refractions
    • Lensometry
    • Keratometry
    • Tonometry
    • Visual fields
    • Biometry
    • Muscle testing
    • Pupil exams
    • Topography
  • Prepares accurate billing documents utilizing ICD-10, CPT-4 coding and managed care plans
  • Demonstrates ability to efficiently and accurately navigate Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  • Provides management with insight and accurate oversight of the office practices and services
  • Participates in service monitors and quality improvement programs
  • Ability to travel among the various locations as needed based on organizational demands
  • Conforms to all company policies and procedures including punctuality, attendance and dress
  • Any other reasonable duties and responsibilities as deemed appropriate and necessary by a
    supervisor to ensure the highest level of care for our patients and to support the success of the

Minimum Education Requirements

  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Previous experience or training in this or similar position.
  • Successful completion of Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology
    Certified Ophthalmic Assistant requirements. (or preparing for the exam)

Minimum Background Requirements

  • ¬†Thorough understanding of ophthalmic practice and patient care
  • Knowledge of medical instrumentation and its proper care and usage
  • Ability to assess common safety hazards and take precautions to establish a safe work
  • Ability to communicate with patients, coworkers and supervisor
  • Willingness to help in all areas and understand the need for efficient use of time

Minimum Demonstrated Skills

  • Displays consistent professionalism
  • Is energetic and empathetic with patients
  • Consistently displays positive rapport with fellow employees
  • Cooperates with supervisory staff and physicians
  • Demonstrates flexibility in job assignment (within each office and between locations)
  • Demonstrates initiative in accomplishing practice goals
  • Consistently works with (at a minimum) of three patients per hour
  • Demonstrates working knowledge of eye anatomy, pathology and associated symptoms and
    ocular medications
  • Has proficient knowledge of A-scans, fundus photos, optical coherence tomography, and
    Humphrey Visual Fields
  • Has basic knowledge of contact lenses
  • Utilizes proper eyedrop technique and sterility
  • Understands and uses proper sterile techniques
  • Utilizes proper universal precaution procedures
  • Understands characteristics of common anterior segment disorders and conditions
  • Understands and communicates well to patients about cataract and/or glaucoma surgery
  • Understands and follows procedures for surgical and procedural consents
  • Scribes readily when doctor desires
  • Maintains certification once achieved and continues to operate under best in practice policy and

How To Apply:

SEND RESUME TO: Careers@levineye.com